The Ruined Kingdom Blocked & Complete Scene One



Project Details & Story Overview

My final year project is a 2D animation and I will be producing it in ToonBoom Studio.

I will be producing a short pilot episode in 2D animation, for an up and coming TV series.  I would like the style of the animation to have a Disney feel to it, but to be a little darker as it is a light-hearted thriller.  My target audience will be 13- 20 year old’s and it will be approximately around a minute long.  I may require voice actors for my characters, and will be using background FX and music.

All that I produced will be presented to a professional standard, including sketches, mood boards, research, concept art, storyboards and the final animation.  The research will include character movements e.g. studying the way people and animals to get a better understanding of how they function.

Story Overview:-

The animation will be set in the fictional kingdom of Pomryhan. The Kingdom’s royalty has slowly been hunted over the years, but there is one remaining heir to the throne that has escaped.  A gang are hunting her down, to gain power over the kingdom.  The princess ‘Lola’ and her protector ‘Saber’ are set out on a survival mission.

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my online blog.

On this blog I will be gathering research and inspiration for my University project.

I will also be keeping a upto date diary of my project on here aswell.