Starting Animating

After the test cycles and storyboards were done, I then started to block out my animation.  Whiles doing this I filmed reference footage of my friend to help me animate Lolas movement.

I also used Jungle Book’s Bagheera as reference for some of Saber’s movement and also my own knowledge from studying my friends cat.  Also I used Eadweard Muybridge cat, as reference.


Lola Run test… Work in Progress

This is an early run cycle for Lola.  Im unsatisfied with how this has turned out so far, but I am tweaking it and hope to have a better version finished soon.  I think the thing that I’m not happy with is that the character feels wooden in movement and I have to work out how I can fix this.

Saber Run Test

This is a run cycle test, for Saber.  I am very pleased with how this has turned out.  I thought I would have problems when attempting the run, but I managed to successfully create a strong run cycle.


So to update, I have finished my storyboards and need to produce a animatic so I can work out the timing on my piece.  When I have done this I will post the storyboards and the animatic, and then start animating the final piece.

Second Environment

Finished second environment of Pomryhan City.

Lola: Expressions

Lola’s expression sheet isn’t very broad, as she hasn’t felt much happiness in her life.  She is constantly in hiding, and doesn’t express much joy.  She has had to grow up fast, therefore leaving her with a serious nature.

Pomryhan City: Environment Development

Pomryhan city is the home to my characters which is set in the fictional kingdom.  I would like the city to feel like an ancient Kingdom, which has been run-down and neglected through disuse.  I have used ruins in Italy as a reference for how I want my kingdom to look.  Pomrhyan has come to ruin because of a lack of resources and labour, which led to the collapse of its society and culture.  The kingdom will be made of tall ruins and torn down buildings; the colours I will use to portray this will be tones of sandy oranges and yellows.


Finished environment for the animation and concept.

Characters placed in the environment, I think they fit well and feel happy to progress with the next environment and also start to do a storyboard and  line test for my animation.

I have looked at Morocco for inspiration for my environment.  It has the same style I want to incorporate Pomryhan city, there are a lot of sandy old buildings and open deserts.  Also the colours are very similar to want in want in my environment.