Story Boards

During this process I had to change my initial idea of animating a long chase scene, to a short version.  This took me a while to come up with an idea that would show off as much of my abilities.  Also, keeping to my original concept but just in a smaller time period.  So I thought up a brief introduction to the pilot episode, which hopefully will be easy to understand and give you a feel for what the animation is about.


Second Environment

Finished second environment of Pomryhan City.

Lola: Expressions

Lola’s expression sheet isn’t very broad, as she hasn’t felt much happiness in her life.  She is constantly in hiding, and doesn’t express much joy.  She has had to grow up fast, therefore leaving her with a serious nature.

Possible Colour Change..

From doing the colour test, I don’t feel happy with the outcome and still think the first colour version looks best on Lola and stays true to the characterization.  I don’t wont her to fit with the environment, as she is supposed to look slightly out of place.  Although I may change the colour of her top, as I think that is the main cause of cold tone in her look.

I feel much happier with this appearance for Lola.  Just changing the colour of the top has solved the problem and now I can move on.

Pomryhan City: Environment Development

Pomryhan city is the home to my characters which is set in the fictional kingdom.  I would like the city to feel like an ancient Kingdom, which has been run-down and neglected through disuse.  I have used ruins in Italy as a reference for how I want my kingdom to look.  Pomrhyan has come to ruin because of a lack of resources and labour, which led to the collapse of its society and culture.  The kingdom will be made of tall ruins and torn down buildings; the colours I will use to portray this will be tones of sandy oranges and yellows.


Finished environment for the animation and concept.

Characters placed in the environment, I think they fit well and feel happy to progress with the next environment and also start to do a storyboard and  line test for my animation.

I have looked at Morocco for inspiration for my environment.  It has the same style I want to incorporate Pomryhan city, there are a lot of sandy old buildings and open deserts.  Also the colours are very similar to want in want in my environment.


Lola Final Concept

During the redesigning for the end character look I decided to change the hair style of Lola’s character as I wanted her hair messier and un-kept.  I decided to go with a shorter style in the end and also added freckles to her face to add youth.

Final concept for Lola’s character.  I am very happy with the way she has turned out and think the final colour palette went well with the environment I am working on.  the environment will be a contrast in colour compared to Lola and Saber’s colour palette.  I put together a character sheet as well to show Saber and Lola together. I am also very pleased with this end result.

The next challenged I face will be to keep the environment in the same style as the two character. I am also working on storyboards and a line test at the moment.

Saber Final Concept

So here’s a final character pose sheet of Saber and the final concept art of his appearance.  The environment are not final yet, but it gives me a rough idea.


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