Pomryhan City: Environment Development

Pomryhan city is the home to my characters which is set in the fictional kingdom.  I would like the city to feel like an ancient Kingdom, which has been run-down and neglected through disuse.  I have used ruins in Italy as a reference for how I want my kingdom to look.  Pomrhyan has come to ruin because of a lack of resources and labour, which led to the collapse of its society and culture.  The kingdom will be made of tall ruins and torn down buildings; the colours I will use to portray this will be tones of sandy oranges and yellows.


Finished environment for the animation and concept.

Characters placed in the environment, I think they fit well and feel happy to progress with the next environment and also start to do a storyboard and  line test for my animation.

I have looked at Morocco for inspiration for my environment.  It has the same style I want to incorporate Pomryhan city, there are a lot of sandy old buildings and open deserts.  Also the colours are very similar to want in want in my environment.


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