Characters – Lola

There are two main characters in my animation; a young girl and her protector which is in the form of a panther.


Lola is  a 14 year old girl.  She is a strong, courageous character, who has been forced to grow up fast.  I want her personality to come through in her emotions as well as what she wears.  For her appearance, I started looking at various images and then found a fitting reference from the film Bridge to Terabithia.  I looked at the character Leslie Burke I really liked her quirky style and wanted to incorporate it in Lola. Although Lola is a princess, she lives on the streets so her clothes can’t be too pretty.

Her clothes are made up of faded tones of cold shades of blue, purple and brown; her dress is torn, dirty and sewn and patched up in places.  Her colour palette is quite cold for the environment she lives in; this is to portray her youth, heartache and the fact that she is very vulnerable.  She has fashioned a throw around the top half of her dress to cover the pretty pattern, which might give her identity away.

Lola has an un-kept hairstyle, because she’s cut it.  Her hair colour is a honey blonde tone, which matches her olive complexion.  She has a blush of bronze/ peach in her checks to again hint her youthfulness.  The medallion Lola wears around her neck is on a thick black leather chain.  This medallion has an image of a tiger on it,  she can communicate with Saber through it.  This medallion is quite expensive looking, so she hides it down the front of the dress, so she doesn’t attract unwanted attention.

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